ZYPP Versatility


To minimise unique parts and cost the ZYPP the design is totally modular with directly interchangeable cross-arms (for different tracks), crucifix, tail, wheels and seat. All configurations have good handling and the extremely fast lean quick fold and are rollable folded, and all have our ultra small storage footprint.

For minimum parts all configurations use the one crucifix optimised for 349, 355 and 406 front wheels.








All configurations are also 349, 355 and 406 rear wheel capable.

All configurations with a rear wheel <= 406 also are either smart fold or short fold capable.

All configurations with a rear wheel <= 406 and front wheel <=355 and hard shell seat are also single airline legal suitcase capable.  406 front wheels require a marginally larger suitcase or one wheel as carry-on.


All configurations accept 135mm gear hubs including Rohloffs as per the above image.

All also accept up to a 20in rear hub motor like this Bionx with the battery mounted low to increase stability.


We believe hub brakes are better, especially for folders, and our kingpins automatically accommodate 70SA hub brakes and 90SA hub brakes.

But if disc brakes are needed the kingpins can also accommodate BB7disk brake callipers & up to 185mm disks with our custom disk brake adaptor (above).



Suspension adds complication and weight and cost, and we find that most trikes riders initially set it soft and then gradually tune it out to regain acceptable handling. We believe soft ride using Big Apple tires is better for the vast majority and suspension is unwarranted unless riding frequently on cobblestones or for those with a very shock sensitive body. If suspension is needed it is possible to substitute a stock rear suspension tail and still retain the quick fold e.g. we think an ICE suspension tail with a 41.3mm dia. front tube should be interchangeable.



Our Unified Steering has the responsiveness of direct steering with the comfortable hand position of under-seat steering (USS) without its complexity. USS may initially be more intuitive but we have found riders can quickly adapt to our unified steering in under 20 min especially if they start by holding the handlebars loosely with their elbows loosely against their side.


Even MORE Versatility:

The standard tail frame can be configured with a wider range of rear wheel sizes.

349(16in)/355(18in)/406(20in)/559(26in)/622(700c) with the range of both front and rear sizes as shown in these images:

Shown here are the smallest front [349] and rear [349] ….

to -

the largest front [406] and rear [622/700c]

As can be seen, the lean quick fold works with all wheel sizes.


All the images here are with the frame adjusted for a short wheelbase (98-102cm) for nimble handling but the telescopic rear is extendible up to a 110cm wheelbase to allow for lower seat angles especially with a 700c rear wheel.

We have tested all our trikes for good handling above 80kph(50mph). Our design has ample caster (trail) for good handling at all  wheel size combinations and suitable kingpin angles to minimize brake steer for all front wheel sizes.


Rider Positioning Adjustment.

All trikes include easy adjustment of boom length, seat angle and handlebar position & angle adjustment, both fore-aft & sidewards. For added fore-aft rider positioning adjustment the seat base bracket can be positioned in either of two sets of mounting holes. It can also be reversed for further adjustment. Also a simple spacer (up to 5cm) can be put between the seat and the bracket if a rider needs a higher seat.


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