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We are an Australian development team who saw the need for convenient, fast folding, compact folding trikes. That led us to imagine the revolutionary folding mechanisms and architecture in our trikes. It has since taken thousands of hours of innovation, development and thousands of miles of proving to achieve designs that are robust, reliable, super-compact, convenient and inherently safe  - all joints close under rider weight and pedal force. We have been constantly refining our designs and the current trikes are the result.


We strongly believe in integrated transport solutions – riding the trike wherever feasible but being able to conveniently transport it by car, train, bus or air where the distance is great or the traffic risky. If a trike is going to be used often it needs to be easy to use with other modes of transport.


We believe a trike should be able to be rolled (rather than carried) when folded and it should have a narrow form to allow it to easily enter any destination building, for secure storage. It needs to be easily taken on elevators, escalators and up stairs. For those that can’t lift at all it should be able to be rolled up a ramp into a car, especially if has a motor and batteries.


We want to get trikes based on our mechanisms to market as soon as possible. We are open to teaming up with companies who can combine our trike folding technology know-how with their existing ideas and experience to get trikes to market within a reasonable time-frame.


 We are particularly interested in hearing from capable companies wishing to license our multi-patented folding technology.


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